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100% of the photos on this blog belong to me.  I took them myself.  None of my photos may be reproduced without my permission.  If you feel one of my photos would be useful to you, please contact me at beetrootbrownie@gmail.com

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All original content is Copyright Lorraine Pannetier of Beetroot Brownie and may not be reproduced.  I spend a lot of time creating my recipes, most of which are original.  If there is any resemblance to another recipe somewhere, it is not intentional.  If I recreate a recipe or use another recipe for inspiration, I will say so in my post and give full credit where credit is due.  I ask that you do the same.



Please give a link back to my site, AND mention the name of my blog within the credit.



If you need to change more than 4 ingredients within my recipe you can consider that a true adaptation.  Proper credit to my recipe as your base is appropriate and appreciated.

* Please note that changing less than 4 ingredients, like the flour or sugar choice, is NOT adapting my recipe and cannot be considered your own.  You can state the modifications you made from the original recipe with a direct link back to my recipe and website.