Sweet Treats – Delicious AND Healthy!

Sweet Treats – Delicious AND Healthy!

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I’m literally so excited to launch my THIRD e-book: Sweet Treats!

Sweet Treats is packed with every day recipes made from whole, plant-based foods. This isn’t one of those cookery books that you buy and only use two of the recipes. With Sweet Treats you can use most of the recipes EVERY SINGLE DAY! There are smoothies and overnight oat bowls, smoothie bowls, oat squares and bliss balls AND some of our favourite frozen desserts which make great desserts or dinner party treats.

Everything in this e-book is a meal or snack that my children and I eat on a frequent basis. This is daily smoothies that boost your complexion, energy-packed oat breakfasts to fuel your body and mind, delicious fruit and nut based desserts to share with friends. This is REAL FOOD.

This is food that boosts health and well-being and doesn’t have you chained to the kitchen for hours. In fact, there is NO BAKING or cooking in this book at all. AND there are no strange ingredients that you’ll spend weeks searching for! While you may not have heard of or even tried things like chia seeds, raw cacao powder or coconut oil, these have become trendy ingredients that are available in many high street supermarkets. Just ask the friendly staff if you’re unsure or order online from large retailers like Amazon (whatever did we do b.a.? Life before Amazon!).

If you’re curious about a healthier diet with more plant-based foods (that’s fruit, vegetables, whole-grains, beans and lentils, nuts and seeds), are committed to making some small changes that lead to great results, and are ready to get creative in the kitchen and start a culinary adventure, then Sweet Treats (and my previous e-book Eat More Plants) is for you.

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Because I’m unique and original (just like you), so are my e-books! 

As well as recipes there are also top tips, nutritional information, articles I’ve written about the great BIG fruit sugar debate AND in Sweet Treats there is also a little weekly meal planner using these recipes and the main meals from Eat More Plants.  This is to illustrate how it all fits together and how you too can #EatMorePlants #EatTheRainbow and #EatRealFood

I’m launching Sweet Treats at the super-special, never to be repeated price of US$13!!

That’s the cost of a couple of takeaway coffees and a cake. Or a cheap t-shirt that you wear once then push to the back of the drawer.

Buying this e-book is an INVESTMENT in YOUR HEALTH. An investment in your well-being and vitality. It’s learning, trying, playing, growing, failing and succeeding.

My passion is inspiring people to eat more plants while gaining confidence and creativity in the kitchen, which ultimately leads to a feeling of being empowered.

Empowered to make the best choices available to you at any given moment. Empowered to say NO when you might have said yes before. Empowered to follow your path and be your unique self without worrying about what other people think. (Because we’ve all been there haven’t we? And it sucks!)

So, click the Buy Now link to grab your copy at this amazing launch price of just US$13.

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If you haven’t yet followed my Facebook page, come on over and say ‘Hello’! I post new recipes, share tips and techniques and interact with all of you amazing people on a daily basis and I’m so happy and humbled to receive so many lovely compliments about my work. It’s an absolute gift to be able to share my passion, knowledge and experience with so many people around the planet on a daily basis. It never feels like work because I enjoy it all so much. Whether I’m writing, cooking, blogging, teaching, tasting, talking, presenting, sharing or taking food photos, I just love it all! I’m so blessed and I wish to share all of this with you.

I’m looking forward to hearing your comments and seeing your food photos…

With love,

Lorraine xx


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