Raspberry Chocolate Mini Treats

Raspberry Chocolate Mini Treats

Raspberry chocolate mini treats (1 of 1)


While I have been busy catching up with emails and reading some of the other fantastic cookery blogs out there, my amazing daughter has been in the kitchen concocting and photographing this little treat for us all!  As I only started food photography, styling and blogging a year ago, I think she’s obviously been paying attention.

After making a mug of green tea for mum she decided she wanted some chocolate and found herself popping 2-3 squares of good quality dark chocolate into a small glass bowl on top of the mug….making it soften.  Then she added in some raspberries and ate it all! Yummy!!

After ten minutes or so I realised she had disappeared again and she’s just walked in with this beautifully presented plate of chocolate coated raspberries!  As they’re frozen, the melted chocolate hardens almost instantly against the ice; basically a science and cookery lesson in one go!

raspberries in chocolate 1 (1 of 1)

She is incredibly proud that I wanted to share this to my worldwide fans and hopes she’ll get lots of lovely comments 🙂

Lorraine x

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