NEW!! Online group programme

NEW!! Online group programme

*** This course is now closed.

The next round will start in January 2017 ***

Simply Satisfied

Six weeks to cut cravings, increase energy and create

a consistent healthy lifestyle that feels good for YOU!


I’m super excited to launch my first online group programme that is focusing on cutting cravings, increasing energy

and creating a consistent, healthy lifestyle that feels just right for you.


In just six weeks, you could be…

❤︎ Feeling less stressed, less tired and less fatigued.

❤︎ Eating healthy, delicious food consistently (because you really want to).

❤︎ Living without cravings, bad habits and addictions to unhealthy food choices.

❤︎ Feeling more content with life because you’re putting yourself first!

Once, I was feeling just like you are now. Sometimes those feelings and bad habits pop up again every now and then, but using my tried and tested techniques, I can get myself right back on track with no pain or drama, no deprivation or guilt and no expensive diet plans, supplements or extreme exercise regimens.

The most important thing I learned was that the more I committed to ME, the easier (and happier) life became. Everything was less of a struggle. I eat the way I want to eat because it makes me feel better. I feel alive, alert, energetic and happy. And, do you know what? Ultimately it’s not about food groups and cutting things out or eating ridiculous amounts of certain ‘super’ foods. No!

What I did was align my nutrition plan and lifestyle with who I really am on the inside.

I went from stressed, tired, never-good-enough, never-slim-enough, not-quite-perfect-enough woman to becoming relaxed, happy and fulfilled.

And it wasn’t anywhere near as difficult as I thought it would be!

I want to share all this with you to help YOU become the person you truly are deep inside so you can shine brightly, live a happy life and feel energetic, motivated and fulfilled.

My online group programme combines my unique experience in nutrition and home cooking with mindset and lifestyle techniques to give you the ultimate opportunity to figure out what you really want, why it’s important to you and then be supported on that journey with delicious, simple, plant-based recipes. 

So, becoming the person you are deep inside sounds good right? But what does that really look like for you?

How about…

❤︎ Cooking healthy home made meals for you and your family becomes simple and natural – no stressful shopping trips for thirty different ingredients, no throwing away bendy, rotten vegetables every week and no spending hundreds of extra pounds a month on last minute snacks, ready meals or takeaways.

❤︎ Your creativity and commitment to healthy cooking spills over into other areas of your life – you start to sort out your junk room, your wardrobe, your garage and those stuffed-full-kitchen-drawers. This leaves you feeling empowered, strong and confident.

❤︎ Putting yourself first gives you a ridiculous feeling of happiness that you never expected. Suddenly you see the value in looking after your health, your body, your emotional well-being and schedule appointments in advance before those extra pennies are spent on random stuff you don’t really need or want. And remember, if you’re a parent: ‘a healthy mum is a happy mum!’ When you feel better about yourself then you’re more likely to participate in social gatherings, get intimate with your partner or feel ready to embark on new relationships, take part in more physical activities or challenges, put yourself ‘out there’ and meet new people, travel more and spend more time focusing on personal development.

I know you can do this because I’ve done it too!

And I’m not special. I just woke up and realised that I needed to live my life on my terms with as much satisfaction and happiness as I desired. That doesn’t mean I never get bad days or nothing comes along to rock my health or happiness – of course it does. But it’s how quickly I adapt to that new scenario that counts.

You too can do this because you were also born with an innate desire to succeed, love and be happy.

You have an inner guidance system, a wisdom or knowing, that will always see you through. But you have to tune in first. Numbing out reality with junk food, sugar, alcohol, medication, trashy reality TV or computer games/phone apps (hey, I loved Angry Birds and Candy Crush too – but I did all the other stuff first!) will never help you to tune into yourself and achieve your juicy big life goals.

Are you ready to…

❤︎ Up-level your life and put YOUR health and happiness first?

❤︎ Take consistent, daily action to improve your health, diet and well-being?

❤︎ Learn how to make a selection of plant-based suppers, lunches, breakfasts, snacks and treats?

❤︎ Prioritise making meals from scratch with fresh ingredients to boost health and nutritional content of your food?

Then my Simply Satisfied 6 week online group programme to cut cravings, increase energy and create a consistent, healthy lifestyle that feels good for YOU is exactly what you need!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Six week online group programme from 10 October 2016 (ending Sunday 20 November 2016)
  • Weekly emails with PDF download focusing on key steps, recipes and tips to build strong habits that work for you.
  • Daily support in private Facebook group.
  • Weekly videos posted in Facebook group.
  • Three group Live video conference calls using Zoom (free downloadable app). These videos will be recorded for those who cannot attend live.

The six juicy topics we’ll work on are:

❤︎ Plant Power (eat more plants to boost energy, improve digestion, create healthy habits and reduce cravings)

❤︎ Crazy Connections (Tuning into your body, mindful eating, your WHY, positive habits and consistency)

❤︎ Fun Food (Cut cravings, eat tasty, sweet food and NOT feel guilty, science of cravings)

❤︎ Awesome Alignment (Why the other diets never worked, aligning your lifestyle with who you really are, discovering your passions)

❤︎ Creative Cooking (Planning v. spontaneity, home cooking with a modern twist, batch cooking, plant-based eating)

❤︎ Wicked Wanderlust (Take away lunch, eating out, travel, socialising, adventures – how to have it all and stay true to yourself)

Ready to dive in?

This program is for you if …

✓ You feel stuck. You keep taking steps forward only to slip right back into old habits.

✓ You feel like your health could be improved. Whether it’s drop a few pounds, feel less bloated, fit back into your favourite jeans or get glowing skin, you just know that you need to make some changes to your health, diet or lifestyle.

✓ You want to create less waste in the kitchen, be more organised and spend less money on last minute convenience food, preprepared meals or eating out.

✓ You’re a busy mum, entrepreneur or FT employee who wants to get into a routine that doesn’t feel like a boring, monotonous routine!

✓ You’re ready to put yourself first and spend 30 minutes or more a day focusing on some form of personal development, healthy cooking, decluttering or relaxation.


I’m Lorraine and I totally get where you are right now and how you feel.

I’m a single mum to two gorgeous teenage girls, a fluffy cat, a cheeky rabbit and two elderly guinea pigs with hilarious personalities.

I’ve been working in health, nutrition and fitness for 20 years (Eek! Is it really that long?!) and have been cooking for myself and my family (and some very lucky ex boyfriends) for about 25 years. Throughout that time I’ve tried all sorts of eating programmes including vegetarian, paleo, vegan, the blood type diet, high carb, low carb, high fat, low fat and everything in between! I’ve used protein shakes and fat burners, taken hundreds of supplements and lifted weights ’til my muscles shook and I could barely walk downstairs!

I’ve been unhappy with my body, thought I weighed too much, felt my legs were too chunky, avoided going to parties because I didn’t feel good in any clothes and spent far too many hours upset or frustrated when I should have been enjoying life as ME.

As a mum I’ve given my children snacks from the petrol station shop, gone without a proper meal when money was scarce, had chocolate or alcohol when they were stressing me out, learned to cook endless veggie curries with lentils to make ends meet and definitely gone without all those essentials I used to love so much: expensive moisturiser, regular hair colour, party shoes, costume jewellery, manicures, new clothes….


After 43 years on this planet, I’ve finally found my way. I’ve learned who I really am inside and have come up with many strategies and daily habits to ensure I always feel happy, fulfilled, motivated, special, nourished and loved.

It’s this knowledge and experience, all wrapped up in love, that I want to share with you so that you don’t have to spend 20 years or more finding the answer. I’m offering the shortcuts and the life hacks so you can boost your cooking skills with a repertoire of plant-based meals, improve your energy levels and reduce cravings for sugar, salt or alcohol, tune into who you really are, discover your true passions and live the life you always dreamed of. It’s never a bed of roses of course, but if every day takes you closer to who you are and where you want to be then that’s all you need.

❤︎ My unique skills as a Nutrition & Lifestyle expert mean I can answer your health and diet questions so you get the best results. (Note, I’m not a dietician, nutritionist or medical doctor so please consult a registered professional if you have specific concerns.)

❤︎ My 25 years home cooking experience on a daily basis means that I can come up with healthy meal solutions for you that are simple, cost effective, tasty, suitable for allergy sufferers (all my recipes are naturally gluten free, dairy free, low sugar, meat-free) and satisfying for all the family.

❤︎ With 20 years as a nutrition & lifestyle coach and personal fitness trainer, I understand how to motivate and inspire you to help you achieve your maximum potential and also when to call you out when I know you’re making excuses!

❤︎ As a busy single mum, running a business, studying for a degree and homeschooling a teenager I also understand your struggles with time, children, work, relationships, study, weight, an ageing body and more! 

Here’s what some of my clients on my Transformational Food & Lifestyle Programmes have to say:

I first met Lorraine at the end of August when I was feeling pretty fed up with life!! I’d had a rubbish summer due to ill health and after extensive blood tests showed once again that there was nothing wrong with me I thought the only thing left to try was my diet (at 5 stone over weight I think it shows how out of control my ‘comfort’ eating had become!) The day before my 4th appointment with Lorraine I saw a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia! 😢 A horrible illness with no obvious cure. I told Lorraine this that evening and when I saw her at lunchtime the next day, the amount of research she had done on my illness was amazing!! 😍 At the start of this month, something clicked in me and I started noticing I had less pain and wasn’t feeling constantly washed out!! Last year, I could see no end in sight with the way I was feeling – now I’m feeling great and optimistic about the future!!! 😃 I weighed myself this morning and in the last four weeks of doing this challenge, I have lost another 8lbs. 😃 In total, I have lost 2st, 8lbs since the beginning of September which is half way to my goal of losing 5 stone! Thank you Lorraine for….. EVERYTHING!! 💞💖💗💝 xxx” – Denny Buckley, January 2016

“Thank you for EVERYTHING! I haven’t had a bag of crisps since the course started and that was such a big thing for me, I knew it was so unhealthy but just couldn’t seem to break the pattern. I don’t weigh myself but I did have to get on the scales at the gym and I have lost almost a stone since I was weighed at the doctors in June!! Without specially trying to!….. [After a recent stressful situation]”Empower your life” went through my mind, it really did. Endings are very sad but I do feel I am in such a great place now. Getting lots & lots of comments about great I am looking & that just goes round & round & makes me want to carry on. My swimming is going from strength to strength with the gym work starting to pay dividends etc.

Just thought I’d give you an update …. Really found the rainbow reset good … And have continued lots of that with more smoothies, juices etc. and swimming is carrying on well … I have improved so much over the winter … The hard work in the gym, in the pool working on technique and changing my diet has all helped.  I am in such a good happy place and wanted to thank you for the help and support you have given me xxx – Karen Gallichan, October 2015 & Spring 2016

Some Facebook Love ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

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And then the lucky people at college who get to taste my delicious food after my weekly Healthy, Plant-Based Cooking Classes:

As an administrator for Adult & Community Education at Highlands College I am fortunate enough to get one perk a week when Lorraine’s ‘Simple, healthy, Plant-Based Cooking’ course is running – free tasters on a Friday morning. Last week our morning cuppa was accompanied with a Berry ‘cheesecake’, today we had a delicious raw carrot cake. These sweet treats are a new addition to Lorraine’s course in response to student feedback for some desserts.
We also get something scrummy for our lunch. Today red pepper hummus and mushroom risotto.
Fridays are the best! Thank you Lorraine. – Glenda Cabaret, September 2016


  • That’s a 6 week online group programme with support through the private Facebook group.
  • 6 weeks of tips, techniques, recipes, and my proven steps for success – all sent out personally to you in easy to read PDF format.
  • Regular weekly videos in the FB group (either live or pre-recorded).
  • 3 live video calls with the other members in the group (recorded so you can watch it again at your leisure).
  • Programme starts on 10 October 2016 – Early Bird price US$97 available until midnight on 2 October. Full price US$297.

Once you’ve made your payment through PayPal you’ll receive a welcome email from me. Some preparation materials and questionnaires will be sent out over 7/8/9 October. You’ll receive your invitation to come and join the private Facebook group just for this course only – so come along and say hello and let’s get to know each other! The more I know about your lifestyle and health, diet preferences and goals, the better I can tailor any responses to you.

Jump in now and do something incredible for YOU!

This is an incredibly amazing offer for a 6 week programme and will never again be repeated at this price.

You have the potential to achieve so much, but if you never invest in yourself, you’ll never be living the life you crave. 

I believe in you. You’re amazing. I know you are. So let’s get started!

I’m so excited and can’t wait to meet you!

Lorraine xx

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