February Food & Love Fest

February Food & Love Fest

You know that feeling when you set out on a new healthy eating plan, full of good intentions and armed with the latest meal planning programme or detox shopping list, then…Boom! Right there, in the middle of the supermarket you suddenly feel ridiculously overwhelmed.        (If you have a toddler with you, feel free to multiply this overwhelm by at least ten!)

Should I buy organic carrots or regular ones, this list doesn’t tell me? What’s the difference between the five different brands of gluten free pasta? This is a lot of fruit to buy, isn’t fruit high in sugar? What if my kids don’t eat this fancy kale, I might just be wasting my money? Will my husband eat this with lentils in? I don’t even know if he likes lentils. How do I not even know if my husband likes lentils or not! Must remember to ask him later. Or shall I just buy them anyway? Oh look, chocolate, and it’s two for one on those big bars today…

Suddenly you feel like you’re the only woman who can’t get it together.

Your toddler starts protesting that you handed her the blue packet of dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, whats-actually-in-them toddler crackers instead of the red packet, and before you know it you’re back home with the same selection of pizza, bread, cheese, cookies and cereal you always buy. And a bag of kale that will now sit in the back of the fridge until it’s gone a bit yellow and partly stuck to the frozen bit at the back of the fridge next to the bit of soggy cardboard from the egg carton from when you crammed in 25 individual pots of jelly on trays for your eldest child’s birthday party.

Three months ago.

Time for a coffee. With milk. AND sugar. How bad can it be?

I’ll start the 7 day juicing plan another time. Maybe once my baby is at school. Or university.

There’s this constant cycle of never quite feeling good enough

Never quite achieving your health or weight goals, never feeling like you’re doing enough for your children (fish fingers and beans three times this week?), never feeling like the seductive, sexy, radiant woman you once were, never actually finishing a diet, a book or even brushing your hair without something else getting in the way.

It’s draining. It’s exhausting. It’s the cause of sleepless nights, support knickers and arguments. And you’ve had enough!

There’s got to be more to life than this!

Imagine if you could swap the overwhelm for freedom.

Imagine if you could swap the feelings of inadequacy for a sense of empowerment.

Imagine if you could swap the low energy, the lack of sleep and the arguments for vitality, radiance

and a more peaceful, contented life.

Yeah right, but I have four children / two jobs / a sick elderly parent / a lack of money to eat healthy / fussy children / a partner who won’t change what he eats / health issues/ a tiny kitchen … and anyway, I don’t really like vegetables ….

Before you jump in with the excuses, let me share something with you.

I have yet to meet a woman who has never been on a diet. Or never hated at least one part of her body. In a world where we all look so physically different, behave and feel so uniquely and each have our own individual life experiences, why are we trying to achieve some arbitrary mystical ideal?

Whether it’s a body shape, a weight, an adherence to a diet or feeling like a good mother (or at least not the really bad one we feel right now), why do we push ourselves to achieve when it would be healthier and happier to relax, breathe

and just be the wild, free, feminine spirits we were born to be?

It’s taken me a long time to get where I am today.

This isn’t something that just happens overnight or you wake up one day and suddenly you’re that woman who really does have her life together.

(For the record, none of us actually really do have it all together!)

In order to change your life significantly, it takes commitment.

Commitment to daily learning, action-taking and practice and commitment to leaving some of the old stuff behind. It’s time to let go of those old habits and replace them with shiny new ones – little by little.

I always tell my class students, readers and clients that the way my teenage daughters and I eat today isn’t how we ate five years ago, nor five years before that, nor the five years before that. It’s a slow, gentle process that involved experimentation, learning, failing, daily rituals and a deep-rooted passion to want a better life with better health and more free time.

Along the way, I also realised that I am not very good with rules.

Apart from always driving to the speed limit, when it comes to food and diet rules I absolutely cannot follow a diet for more than a few hours, nor can I follow a recipe to the letter without making a substitution. I love the freedom of spontaneous, creative cooking and detest structured weekly meal plans (how do I know what I might fancy on Friday lunchtime when it’s only Sunday evening now?). I only learnt all this by constantly learning, growing, failing, and getting straight back on track each time I fell off the wagon.

Instead of creating, following and living by a set of self-imposed rules, instead I choose to live in alignment with my passions, values, tastes and the things that really make me happy – like one pot dinners that create far less washing up and eating my bodyweight in dates, bananas and cacao powder each year.

But how does that actually look in everyday life?

Great question!

Rather than creating meal plans or living by the rules of any diet or fad, I choose to stock my cupboards with plant-based basics like brown rice, lentils, beans, chick peas, cacao powder, cacao nibs plus fresh produce like vegetables and fruit and a few handy items like frozen fruit for smoothies, lots of spices, fresh herbs and nuts, seeds and avocados for adequate protein and essential fats.

Plant-based cooking is easier than meat-based, regular cooking in many ways as you can combine almost any grains, beans or vegetables to create a tasty, nourishing meal. The natural flavours of organic produce will shine through and create far more delicious meals than the grilled chicken, potato and boiled broccoli you might be used to. Once you’ve mastered a few cooking basics (and trust me, they are really simple) and combine that with daily practice, then you’ll be well on your way to healthy, nutritious home cooking without the pressure of diets and strict recipes.

Oh, and you’ll save money too – bonus, right?!

Imagine now, your life free from diets, deprivation, rules and stress.

Your life without hormone imbalance, daily arguments and overwhelm.

A life of freedom, joy and peace.

A life where your kids do eat vegetables – but if they don’t, it’s fine, you’ll simply hide spinach in their smoothie the next morning.

A life where you love, nourish and celebrate your body and feel sexy, sensual and vibrant, whatever your shape or size.


In the past I’ve tried to share everything I’ve ever learnt with my clients and readers and what I’ve realised is that just adds to your overwhelm. You physically can’t do everything at once.


That’s why I’m breaking everything down into bite-sized chunks, from now on, and serving it to you on my favourite Emma Bridgewater plates.

This February I’m offering you the opportunity to spend 10 days connecting with me and other like-minded women in the online space to kick-start your well-being, healthy eating and happiness from whatever point you’re at now. So whether you started January on a juice detox and are ending it on a chocolate binge, or are smugly celebrating 30 days of being alcohol free, or are still exactly where you were a year ago where your jeans are a bit too tight and your kids still turn their noses up at kale and broccoli, it doesn’t matter!

(Hey, I just ate a falafel, three Medjool dates and a chocolate cookie while writing this…)

What does matter is that you feel ready to embrace some changes and enjoy new foods while also embracing your inner feminine spirit.

This February we’re going to eat a bit more fruit and veg, dance around the lounge and wear our favourite clothes.

We’ll be eating off our favourite plates, singing loudly in the car and painting our toenails – though not all at the same time!

Together we’ll be feeling nourished, inspired, loved, sexy, radiant and filled with vitality.

Get ready for Lorraine’s February Food & Love Fest 

Love your body, love your food, love your life!

10 days to kick-start your transformation in 2017 for only £10 (approx. $13)

Secure your place with a £10 payment today via PayPal

(debit card, credit card, PayPal balance or bank account – safe, secure payment)

My February Food & Love Fest begins officially on Monday 6th February 2017

but sign up NOW so we can get to know each other and build connections with other women in the group.

Lots of bonuses for those signing up early! 

In the meantime, please come and join my Eat More Plants Facebook Group for regular recipes, inspiration, support and the opportunity to connect with an amazing community of women (and a few enlightened men). 

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    • Lorraine Pannetier Post author

      Hi Carole, It’s only a 10 day mini-course so it finishes on 15th anyway. You’d still be able to do most of it and the remaining 2-3 days would be in your inbox waiting for you when you next had email access. Lorraine xx


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