No-Bake Sweet Potato Brownies

No-Bake Sweet Potato Brownies

sweet potato brownie squares

Yesterday, it rained. A lot. And it was super windy. Clearly summer is on the way out.

Not surprisingly, all my daughters and I wanted to do was snuggle up and eat food like this and eagerly await the 9pm season finale of #MiCLA.

These brownies aren’t raw, but they are the no-bake variety – meaning you simply blitz all the ingredients and pop the tray in the freezer. Easy peasy!

Considering how many sweet potatoes we eat on a weekly basis, I’m kind of surprised we’ve never got as far as making sweet potato brownies!

Using my experience of making bliss-balls and raw cheesecakes I figured I’d just throw a few things in and hope for the best!

This is a habit of mine, as you may have noticed. I prefer to think of it as a relaxed attitude to food.

I don’t stress about diets, weight or having a full fridge and cupboards.

I simply buy small amounts of local, organic fruit and veg (where possible) and have a little stash of useful essentials like brown rice, rice noodles, dried beans and lentils…

But, there are always sweet potatoes in my fridge. (And yes, I know, they’re not local to Jersey!! You can’t win them all.)

And I love the creativity of new flavour or texture combinations every day.

I think it stems from a childhood where we always ate the same meals on the same days every week. My mum must have been sooooooo bored!

So I rebelled, from about the age of 15, and cooked my own food. Interesting experience as a vegetarian living in France in the early 1990s….’Mais, tu ne manges pas de viande? Qu’est-ce que tu manges alors?!’

I digress….Brownies

Peel and chop two medium sweet potatoes. Steam or boil, drain and leave to cool.

In a separate bowl, add a cup of polenta (ground corn/maize) and either brown sugar or a sugar replacement such as coconut sugar. I used about 2 dessertspoons of brown sugar.

Add half a teaspoon of vanilla powder and a pinch of sea salt and combine.

In a bowl over a pan of boiling water, melt about 2 tablespoons coconut oil or cacao butter.

Add 2 tablespoons raw cacao powder (or the regular stuff from your supermarket)

Stir to combine.

In a little bowl, mix 3 dessertspoons of chia seeds with a little water to cover. Stir frequently until you get a gel-like consistency. (This is a great egg replacement in baking).

In a food processor, spoon in the cooled sweet potato mixture.

Add the oil/chocolate mixture and the polenta/sugar/vanilla.

Add the chia seed gel.

Add a handful of raw buckwheat if desired. (optional)

Blitz for about a minute or until all combined but not super smooth.

Spoon into a lined brownie tin.

Top with your favourite sprinkles.

Here we used dessicated coconut, raw cacao nibs and rose petals (thank you Waitrose!)

Pop into the freezer for around an hour or until solid enough to cut into squares.

sweet potato brownies

If you defrost the squares they are very gooey and moist – so best eaten immediately!

To make them slightly less moist, try adding a tablespoon of gluten free flour (almond flour would be good).

Also, I would normally use dates instead of sugar. But I’d eaten them all!! Try swapping 4-5 Medjool dates for the sugar. I think the mixture would remain firmer even when defrosted.

Happy brownie-no-baking!

I look forward to hearing your comments.

Lorraine x

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