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Are you bored with cooking the same few meals each week and fed up with the amount of waste your family produces?

This makes you feel sluggish, bored, unhappy, tired…

You walk in to the kitchen every evening and have no inspiration or energy to cook from scratch. Sometimes you read a new cookery book or online blog and go shopping, all ready to get creative and eat delicious new food. You spend ages in the supermarket first – like, what are chia seeds anyway? And sweet paprika powder? They only have smoked paprika…is that the same? – and then you spend even more time putting it all together only to hear ‘What’s this?’ or ‘Yuk! Can’t we have pizza mum?’. Even you aren’t that keen on the finished dinner and would actually quite like pizza at that moment in time too! And so, you slip back into your weekly round of family favourites, the odd takeaway or meal out and a few ready-meals for good measure – because you’re so busy and your cooking mojo has flown away.

I get it! You’re not alone. Millions of women (and men) around the world are all experiencing those same struggles every single day. Right now there are home cooked meals being thrown in the bin and microwaves going ‘ping’. But, there is a way out of this… You don’t have to wait until your kids have left home or you have a better job and more income in order to eat better. To eat well. To eat a nourishing abundance of food that will have you feeling and looking amazing and won’t break the bank.

I’m Lorraine and I am The Food Coach.

I work with motivated, enthusiastic people who are willing and ready to make some positive changes to their eating habits and lifestyle.

I offer 1-1 food and lifestyle coaching on a four month basis as well as short term booster plans.

I teach healthy cooking classes at a local college.

I run group food coaching sessions with a private Facebook support group.

And, I offer private 1-1 or family cooking sessions in your own home.

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My nutrition, wellness and cooking experience stem back to my teenage years and first living alone from the age of 18. I took a career change in 1996 and became a health and fitness professional. I have always cooked from scratch – I grew up in a household where we ate real food and relatively few snacks compared to today’s children. The frozen food industry did change our family’s eating habits but I soon realised I didn’t feel good eating ready-prepared meals.

For almost twenty years I have been coaching clients either through personal training or nutrition. Food and teaching have always been my passion, so I’ve stopped doing massage altogether and have cut back on personal training. I want to focus most of my energy on food: teaching, cooking, photographing, writing and most importantly, personal and group food coaching. My experience in health and fitness, combined with many years in a corporate background means I have the ability to communicate with people at all levels and can explain and teach articulately and concisely. Having always been a keen writer, I’ve now (almost) completed a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing and have had many articles in print in Jersey, Channel Islands as well as a regular food column for the Jersey Evening Post newspaper. The skills I am learning on an Education and Training certificate will mean that in early 2016 I will be qualified to teach in the adult learning sector. So excited to be offering healthy cooking courses at my local college from February! It’s a dream come true.

During food coaching, I have the ability to see beyond the food diary and the outer person and look inside at what’s really going on. In our private 1-1 sessions we delve deep into eating and lifestyle habits and find triggers, blocks and challenges and work through those as well as fostering new, healthy attitudes to food and learning new preparation and cooking skills. My focused, yet gentle, coaching skills mean that sessions easily turn into what looks like a chat between good friends, yet underneath a mindset will be changing and a new, transformed person will emerge…

The results people feel and see are nothing short of amazing. Through a focused approach of mindful eating, a plant-rich lifestyle and a new self-loving, grateful attitude, my clients achieve the weight loss or health benefits they wanted, but without thinking about it. It just happens! By teaching a whole new, positive approach to food, old habits are lost and new ones gained – and this can be successful at any age! All it takes is your commitment and enthusiasm to make a few changes and trust in the power of yourself and the expertise of your coach.

“And shhh – I will just whisper this – I think I have gone down about a dress size. I don’t weigh myself so have no idea on the scales, but my jeans are really loose and I have got some clothes onto my body that I haven’t been able to squeeze into in years!!! Such a bonus! As eating healthier is my goal not necessarily weight loss, although I have to say I am delighted!  Thank you Lorraine…. (Sept 2015) Thank you for EVERYTHING! I haven’t had a bag of crisps since the course started and that was such a big thing for me, I knew it was so unhealthy but just couldn’t seem to break the pattern. I don’t weigh myself but I did have to get on the scales at the gym and I have lost almost a stone since I was weighed at the doctors in June!! Without specially trying to! – Karen, Group Food Coaching participant, October 2015

“I wanted to send a big thank you for yesterday and all the work you put in to researching my condition. I feel I’m on the best path to make any improvement for a better quality of life…  Thank you so much for your kind words and very supportive email, it means a lot that someone like you understands this so well. In case my email made you think that I may have gone off the rails with my healthy eating – far from it!!! Yesterday, I took a vegetable juice to work, had hummus and LOTS of crudités for lunch and a chicken and vegetable soup for dinner (lots of veg and a little bit of chicken). Deenny – 4 month VIP Food Coaching Client, October 2015

“I had used recipe books and watched cookery programmes but nothing really inspired me quite as much as having Lorraine visit my house to teach me a selection of healthy, delicious dinners that I can now prepare for my family. Highly recommended.” – David, Healthy Cooking Client, 2014

“I’m so glad I found Lorraine. Since training with her I’ve felt stronger and have more energy. S he’s given me new ideas about my nutrition too and I’m finally kicking my biscuit habit!”  – Emily,  Personal Training & Nutrition Client, 2014-2016

Now it’s your turn!

Time to make an investment in your health, both physical and financial. Changing your eating habits and lifestyle will save you hundreds of pounds a year from your food shopping bill and you’ll produce less waste – making it healthy for you and a bonus for the planet. As you begin to embrace plant-rich meals and snacks you’ll gain a sense of calm and reconnection to the earth and to yourself. That probably sounds strange right now, but keep it in the back of your mind and one day it will click and you’ll feel exactly that!

Connect with me via a complimentary clarity call so we can see if we’re a good fit for each other. I don’t work with everyone, only those people who really have a passion and enthusiasm to succeed. During the call I will be able to explain how my food coaching programmes work and how you’ll reap the rewards of your investment.

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I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Lorraine xx


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