Finding Food Freedom

Finding Food Freedom

💕 You deserve a healthy, happy relationship with food.

💕 You can achieve food freedom more easily than you think.

💕 You are 100% able to ditch the diets and deprivation and switch to self love and nourishment for body, mind and soul.

I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT…. because I did it too!

💋 I spent years chasing the perfect fitness model body.
💋 I spent years believing I wasn’t enough unless I looked like a cover girl (airbrushing included!).
💋 I spent years creating stories in my head that my boyfriends must fancy other girls way more than me because of my curvy legs, cellulite or other less-than-perfect body attribute.

BUT…. it wasn’t ALL bad….in fact, I’ve spent the last 28 years actually working on my body inside and out. From stepping inside a gym at the age of 16 to learning how to cook awesome plant-based food, from diplomas in fitness, nutrition and massage to becoming a mum to my beautiful daughters…. and everything in between. And all those so-called negative experiences actually create something positive in the end.

All the pieces of the puzzle come together in ways you least expect, forming a tessellation of unique experiences and memories that form YOU.

So, even though I’m not the slimmest, lightest, leanest or fittest (or youngest!) I’ve ever been, I’d say I’m the happiest. Even with the little love handles, thigh dimples, those annoying tiny red spots and a generous splash of freckles and moles. Even with the struggling bank account, the last 2 pairs of jeans about to fall apart and no more salon blonde conditioner left. Even with the bloated tummy, diarrhoea and anaemia from lymphocytic colitis…


Because I’m living my truth every single day.

Because my actions are always aligned with my inner values.

Because I act with integrity and authenticity in everything I do.

Sure, there’s plenty I’d love to improve on in my life, but it doesn’t stop me enjoying today and appreciating everything I have. Appreciating the wealth and abundance of having two gorgeous teenage daughters, three super cute fluffy pets, and family who love and care for me. Living with grace and gratitude.

🌱 ☀️ 💕 You see, there’s way more to FOOD FREEDOM than simply what you eat.

😿 When you try to control your happiness through food, it can only end in tears.

✓ Your happy, healthy relationship with food begins with YOU aligning your daily actions with your true inner values, tuning into your feminine wisdom and living with gratitude.

✓ Learning to cook simple, abundant, delicious plant-based meals comes a close second. If you can cook then you can nurture others, share your love in many ways (who doesn’t love receiving home made cake?!) and save your valuable time and money to use on the things that are really important to you.

Ready to talk about YOUR healthy, happy relationship with food and YOUR food freedom lifestyle? Then let’s chat!

Lorraine xx


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