Eat Real Food

Eat Real Food

When you eat real food without labels, you no longer need to count calories. You’re free to simply enjoy eating.


😐   You feel like there’s never ENOUGH TIME to cook with ‘real’ food.
😐   The thought of going food shopping AGAIN appeals less than a Spinning class (and you really hate Spinning!).
😐   You enjoy cooking but are SO FED UP with cooking different meals for different members of the family and feeling like you’re ALWAYS shopping, prepping, cooking or clearing up and quite frankly you’ve lost the enjoyment and satisfaction it once gave you.

So, what do you do?

😇   You tell yourself you really want life to be different but soon find yourself slipping back from kale stir fries and green smoothies to cheese toasties and diet Coke.
😇   You buy a new cookery book and spend a couple of weeks buying all manner of new, fancy ingredients, herbs and spices only to end up finding bendy veggies in the fridge, mouldy fruit in the bowl and throwing away dishes that your kids or partner wouldn’t eat.
😇   You sign up to an online programme or a new food, diet or cooking app and after an enthusiastic first 3 days, you forget all about it as life takes over.

Sound familiar?

These are the kinds of things I hear, see and read about every single day. In fact, I’m even guilty of some of them myself.

But I decided many years ago that healthy eating and living was a priority for me. And yes, I’ve encountered many bumps along the way (that is how we learn and grow of course) and I’m not some perfect role model with cellulite-free legs, an immaculate kitchen or a freezer filled with homemade soups and six different kinds of raw vegan cheesecake (much to my eldest daughter’s dismay!).

💕   The point I want to make is, you don’t have to be PERFECT to be making PROGRESS.

All you have to do is decide that you no longer want to stay STUCK where you are with the same problems week after week, month after month and year after year.

Once you begin to LIVE in the present moment, make the food and lifestyle choices that are right for you at that time, and nourish and love your body with every thought, action and mouthful of food, then that’s absolutely the BEST you can ever do.

However, in order to progress further and get out of your ‘stuckness’, you probably need some guidance, 1-1 coaching and someone to be accountable to.

I’m now taking bookings for March and April to work with me on a 1-1 basis.

However, I’ve switched up my coaching offers so that you can choose between a one-off kick start or a longer 1 month+ transformational food & lifestyle coaching programme.

🌱 The Wheat Grass Shot: £99
Pure. Simple. Fast.
A one hour Food coaching session (face to face or via Skype*) followed by a 10 step plan to kick start your body.

Perfect for action takers ready to up-level their eating habits, get out of a rut, lose those last stubborn few pounds or detox after months of eating stodgy foods or too many nights out.

🍲 The Three Course Lunch with Dessert: £500 per month
Abundant. Nourishing. Transformational.
Four x 1 hour food coaching and plant based cooking sessions (or 2 x 2 hours) each month plus written programme, email support, recipe e-books and bonuses (Face to face or via Skype*)

This is perfect for those of you fed up with diets and deprivation, ready to ditch the guilt and shame and relax in to a new way of living and eating that feels nourishing, loving and aligned with who you are on the inside. This is the programme to help you to create new daily rituals, treat yourself with the respect you deserve and start to build the healthy, happy life you dream of.

Limited spaces available so get in touch as soon as possible to start your monthly programme in March.

Links below to pay securely via PayPal.

Any questions? Please send me an email ♥︎

With love, kale and chocolate,

Lorraine xx

Buy the Wheat Grass Shot 1 hour Food Coaching Package for £99 now:


Buy the Three Course Lunch with Dessert 1 Month Food Coaching Package for £500 now:

*Face to face sessions currently available ONLY in Jersey, Channel Islands (United Kingdom). Skype sessions available to anywhere in the world.


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