10 portions of veg and fruit every day – Easy!

10 portions of veg and fruit every day – Easy!

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Easy Ways to 10-A-Day brings you a TEN DAY plan to incorporate TEN portions of fruit or vegetables into your diet. 

It’s not a complete meal plan, but gives you 2-3 meals or snacks each day that you can create and enjoy  alongside your family favourites.

For example: Day 1 provides you with a delicious breakfast smoothie (6 portions), plus simple additions to your regular meals: adding a green salad before lunch or dinner as a starter (2 portions), drinking a freshly squeezed orange juice with one of your main meals (1 portion) and adding a side of stir-fried broccoli with lemon to dinner (2 portions). That gives you four ways to boost your fruit and vegetable intake without making too many changes, nor spending a fortune on ingredients.

Within this 24 page e-book you have over 25 plant-based recipes, plus top tips, nutrition information and links to other resources.

Recipes include:

Smoothies, overnight oats, fruit compote, risotto, lentil dhal and side dishes, bean chilli, lentil bolognese, cauliflower korma, roasted red pepper hummus, my favourite nourish bowls and lots more!

By committing to eating TEN portions of fruit and veg a day for ten days,

you’ll have magically boosted your health by eating


And, the best bit? It won’t even feel difficult!

You’ll learn that eating 10 a day is not such a challenge after all, nor a massive expense, and I really hope that

I’ll inspire your creativity in the kitchen and spark a new passion for plant-based cooking.

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Looking forward to hearing your feedback and seeing your photos in my Eat More Plants Facebook community.

Come and join in the fun and feel supported, inspired, loved and nourished every single day.

With love, cacao and kale,

Lorraine xx

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